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Changes Coming for Heat Pump Rebate Program

     For the last six years, Pea River Electric has provided cash rebates to our members who purchase high-efficiency heat pumps.  This program has been a partnership between us and our power supplier, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative.

     With the Department of Energy implementing new standards for air source heat pumps, raising the minimum SEER from 13 to 14, it is no longer cost-effective for Pea River to provide rebates or incentivize higher SEER air source units.  Effective July 2, 2018:

  • ·Pea River will no longer offer rebates for air source and geothermal heat pumps for single-family site-built homes.
  •  Pea River will continue to offer rebates for dual fuel and mini split heat pumps at $300 per ton for a 15 SEER and $350 per ton for a 16 SEER or above.


     Also effective July 2, 2018 we will begin a new incentive program aimed specifically at manufactured homeowners.  Since manufactured homes typically come with an electric furnace at the point of sale, we are launching a program to help manufactured home buyers, as well as existing manufactured home owners, to upgrade to a high-efficiency heat pump.

     Working with the manufactured home dealers in our area, Pea River will cover the difference to upgrade from an electric furnace to a high-efficiency heat pump in any new  manufactured home purchased by our members, at no cost to the buyer.  The upgrade cost will be paid directly to the manufactured home dealer at the point of sale.  The upgrade helps lower the purchaser’s electric bills for years to come—without adding anything to the mortgage.

     We’re also helping homeowners in our service area who are already in manufactured homes, too.  Those members can get a rebate up to $400 per ton when they replace an electric furnace with a high-efficiency heat pump.  In addition, they may qualify for one of our ERC loans offered at 8% interest.  Plus, they’ll enjoy the comfort and savings of an energy-efficient heat pump for years to come.

     This new manufactured home program is also offered in partnership with PowerSouth Energy Cooperative.  If you get any questions from our members regarding any of these changes in our rebate program, please call 800-264-7732 and talk to our member services department.


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