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Considering Solar? We are Here to Help

     If you are thinking about installing solar panels as a source of energy at your house, reach out to Pear River Electric before agreeing to or signing anything.  There is more to harnessing the power of the sun than simply installig a solar panel system in your home.  We can help you get the information you need to use energy wisely.
    Our energy experts are here to help you understand how adding solar panels will affect your monthly electric bill.  We can explain how billing and metering works, and assist you with the interconnection process.  This includes any forms rates, insurance and fees the cooperative requires.
We want to ensure you get accurate information.  
     Your home’s electrical panel may need to be changed to accomodate the electricity coming in through the inverter.  A licensed electrician will need to take care of that for you.  The wiring - as well as the rooftop solar system you choose - must comply with the National Electric Code and all applicable local codes.
     When considering a solar system, it is helpful to know how your home uses energy.  We can help you review your use patterns and history.  If you need more information, our     energy advisers can help with your specific needs.
     There are many factors to consider when deciding if solar is the right choice for you.  We want you to have the information you need at hand when speaking with solar companies.  Always do your research when picking a solar installation company.  Unfortunately, we’ve heard a few horror stories from some of our members that have been mislead by solar sales person.
     As your trusted energy adviser, we are here to help you make smart choices about electricity - especially when it relates to making the best energy decisions for your home.

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