Pea River Electric has a selection of electric barbecue grills and smokers that offer all the great taste without many of the hassles.

You can cook with wood chips, slowly barbecue a whole roast or bird or sear a thick steak. And the temperature controls are at your fingertips.

These outdoor grills provide plug-and-grill cooking. No problems starting the fire, running out of fuel or repairing singed eyebrows.

Our Meco electric grills are:

  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Convenient

Electric Grills & Smokers Available include:

  • Lock & Go Tabletop Grill - $73.08
  • Big Grill - $199.86
  • Big Grill with Rotisserie - $231.22
  • Regular Smoker - $114.85
  • Stainless Smoker - $224.93

We also have replacement elements, grill covers and reflectors.

Grills are available for purchase at our office, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.